You Can Afford a Family Adventure

5 Ways You Can Afford A Family Adventure

by guest writer, Jane Sandwood

Family vacations are incredibly important but can be expensive, with 74% of Americans entering debt just to experience their dream trip. If you are worried about the financial strain then you are not alone. Raising the funds for a trip can be difficult, but it’s worth it. Make a few sacrifices now so that your children can reap the incredible educational and personal growth benefits of travel. Soon you’ll be playing travel games and exploring the world, without worrying about the future debt burden.

Finding a cheap deal

When searching for a vacation, be as flexible as possible. With young kids, it is, unfortunately, the case that you are limited in when you can travel. They need to be in school most the time and when they’re not, flight prices increase. However, you can save money by searching for the cheapest location and then buying a package deal for the whole family. There are often discounts if you book a family ticket, instead of making individual purchases. Try to fly out between Monday and Friday, when prices tend to be cheaper.

Open a vacation savings account

This will help you track your savings, allowing you to reach a target. You’ll also benefit from opening a new bank account because you’ll be able to select something with the best interest rates. You may even find an account that will pay you for switching, sometimes in the region of several hundred dollars. This will instantly put you nearer to your savings goal.

Hold a garage sale

Anyone with kids knows the amount of unused stuff that accumulates. Books, toys, and clothing all become old quickly, with children wanting the newest products and growing out of their old items. Gather all this up and sell it to other children who might want it more. As an adult, you probably have plenty of unused items as well. Selling many smaller products can accumulate to provide significant funds.

Cut down on food expenses

Food is probably something you spend the most on. Feeding a family can be expensive. However, that means plenty of potential to make some savings. How often are you eating out as a family? Learning to cook delicious meals can offer the same benefit for a fraction of the price. As much as possible, take advantage of bulk buying. Over the course of a few months, you’ll have more to funnel into a vacation savings fund.

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Make extra cash on the side

If you need money fast, then consider what other work you can take up. Do you have any hobbies that could be monetized? This could be anything from selling homemade cupcakes to freelance writing. Perhaps you could tutor your children’s friends. This is a chance to get creative and find something that won’t require too much time or effort but will bring in some extra dough.

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Learning how to find the best vacation deals is your first priority if you want a family adventure. Next, open a designated savings account and fill it by cutting expenses, selling unused items and taking up part time work. Do this well and you and your family will soon set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

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