Taking Guided Tours with Kids

5 Tips to Help You Survive Guided Tours with Kids

Guided tours with kids are a great way to learn more about the things you see during your travels. How can you make sure your kids enjoy them too?

Travelling is one of the best ways to teach children more about the world around them. Museums, galleries and all sorts of other experiences can teach a lot about the history and culture of your travel destination. Taking guided tours with your kids can enhance this learning experience for your everyone.

Of course, all of us who have travelled with our kids have found ourselves in situations where they’re really just not feeling a visit to a museum or ancient ruins on a particular day, especially if you drove past the water park on the way there!

There are a few simple things you might want to try to ensure your kids enjoy guided tours and other cultural experience. Here are five top tips that we’ve found work for us.

#1: Treat the Tour as a Game

Gamification is a theory used even in the adult world. It’s the idea that when you turn a task into a game and add a bit of competition, you will get people more interested and motivated. Unsurprisingly, it works wonders with kids as well!

Turn your day out into a game! This could be something that happens during the tour or visit to your location. Get the kids to collect different figures or look for certain things. You could also have a little quiz right at the end of the tour. Let the winner pick an item from the gift shop!

#2: Don’t Eat Sugary Foods Right Before

Try to avoid sugary foods, or a big meal of any type, right before a visit or a tour.

Eating the wrong foods can cause blood sugar spikes and crashes as well as making you all, let alone the kids, feel generally tired and disinterested.

Focus on filling up with low releasing carbs, protein and healthy fats. Nuts can be a good snack to have during the tour if needed.

#3: Make Sure Everyone’s Comfortable

Some tours will require a lot of walking, so the main thing is to ensure you have great walking shoes. Good sandals or hiking boots can ensure all that walking won’t end up hurting the kids’ feet.

You’ll also need to consider your clothing carefully. You could be in all sorts of locations both indoors and outdoors, hot and cold, in all types of weather depending on where in the world you have travelled. Check venue and location websites if possible to see if there are any specific things to know about the place. For example, there are stunning salt mines in Poland, but they tend to be rather cold so you’d want to pack something warm for the kids. On the other hand, if your tour takes place under the scorching sun in Greece, make sure to have light clothing, sunglasses and a proper sunhat to keep kids cool!

#4: Explain the Experience Beforehand

Have a chat beforehand! It will help if the kids know a bit about what to expect. Find out how long the guided tour lasts and tell the kids a bit about the topic. This can help get them excited for the day ahead and engage them in what you’re going to do.

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#5: Don’t Worry Too Much!

Kids are great at sensing their surroundings and you don’t want to potentially inhibit their enjoyment by being on edge yourself. Let’s be honest, tour guides, holiday reps, and people who work in similar jobs have probably seen it all!

As anyone with children knows, with the greatest will in the world they won’t always stand still or keep quiet! A guided tour with kids gives you a chance to learn at the same time!

If they do get too restless, you can always take a break or find something else to do!

Travelling with the kids can be a great experience, especially if you travelled before starting your family and have your own experiences to look back on prior to taking your kids somewhere new or that you’ve enjoyed in the past.

Have fun showing them the world and broadening their mind!

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