Idyllic sailing in the Greek Sporades

An archipelago of outstanding beauty, the Sporades are scattered along the eastern coast of mainland Greece, with only four of the 24 isles permanently inhabited: Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros. Rugged and charming, these cruising grounds deliver peaceful serenity whilst sailing amongst some truly breath-taking island scenery. This is an area rich in natural splendour …

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Filotimo – The Word with No Translation

In researching about Greece before our wonderful Greek adventure, I came across some information which didn’t seem to fit together. In spite of the financial crisis, the austerity measure, and one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, Greece has one of the highest rates of self-reported happiness in the world. How is it that …

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Monastiraki Square

European Cities have wonderful squares – open areas where people gather to talk, eat, and visit. Houses in the city are often small so the squares are like living rooms where people spend time relaxing. These gathering places are fun to get a flavor of the city you came to visit. Get out and see …

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