Art in Comuna 13 Medellin, Colombia

What a treat to see such amazing street art! I may be a little biased because I love art in all forms but street art is a real treat. Larger than life and so full of color and interesting subject choices. It is always interesting and Comuna 13 is literally FULL of street art.

Whether I love the art, hate it, or laugh at it, I’ve never met art that I wasn’t excited about seeing. No matter what, you can have some fun conversations about it! Ask the kids what they think. They always have an interesting perspective and will enjoy you listening to their opinion.

From world’s most dangerous city to world’s most innovative city

Comuna 13, or San Javier, was once the most dangerous neighborhood in the entire world!! There were more murders here than in any other place on the globe. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Medellin came from rock bottom to the top as the World’s Most Innovative City in 2014.

Art is a big part of the transformation.

Coming soon! Read more about the transformation of Comuna 13! 

We took a tour of this fantastic neighborhood and enjoyed seeing the art in Comuna 13 up close and personal! I loved every bit of it. The strong colors, the interesting subjects, and the talent really highlight the culture and people of Colombia.

There were a million murals to photograph but here are our favorites. Enjoy!

street art comuna 13 family

street mural comuna 13, woman with bird eye

love birds street art in comuna 13

Visiting Colombia with the kids?

Don’t give it a second thought! Colombia is safe and great for taking the kids.

Be sure to have the kids read before you go. They’ll learn a little which will prepare them to have an even better trip!

Having some background knowledge of what they’ll see helps kids prepare mentally. They will learn more and remember more of the experience. Find all the books you need in the List on Kids’ Books about Colombia.

animal and woman face street mural comuna 13 colombia

blue street art comuna 13, panda and old woman

street in comuna 13 with art

bomb street art comuna 13

comuna 13 colorful homes

We felt totally safe visiting this once incredibly dangerous neighborhood. It is really a maze so we highly recommend taking a tour.

There are so many to choose from! Group tours, tours given by artists, private tours – choose the one that works for you.

family comuna 13 colombia

Colombia was an interesting and colorful place. If you are headed that way, you’ll enjoy these articles, too.

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Happy Travels,

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