About Me

Welcome to my About Me page!! I am supper new at this and i’m terrified a little bit, lol.  But here i come and i hope you will enjoy my new experience here on my new Blog. My name is Lilly (nick name), i’m born in Romania in 1974. I am a kind spiritual person and i love to help whenever is need it and i’m able to do so. I come from not to big, not to small family and i live in different city’s through out my child hood in Romania. I came in Canada in 1996 and i love it. Before that i travel in Japan, Germany, Russia..etc. I love to travel, i love to explore new opportunity’s and i’m always thirsty of learning pretty much about everything. I’m also a caring  and optimistic person. I care about the world i’m living in, what happens around me and how can i help to contribute to a better more peaceful world. I believe that will all have a special gift to contribute to expend peace in the world. I also love to enjoy food and cooking. I love children’s  as i have one on my own, a beautiful baby girl that means the world to me. About my education, what can i say…i have the 12 grade, and i have 3 month of Medical Office school at Everest college in London ON. I didn’t have to many chances to go to school because i have to work hard to support my family back home. But i am more like Street Smart  and very observant.  Unfortunately not everyone is born with a chance of a good education. We have great schools back home. But a part of my child hood i was living in a communist times and life was poor and difficult.

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